The Power is in the Panels!

Solar panels are panels that convert solar energy to direct electrical current. These devices are what we use to charge our batteries which we use to power our car. Solar panels are non-fuel renewable energy source that doesn't hurt our environment. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to manufacture solar panels in our workplace at this time, because we can't manufacture solar panels at this time we bought them from a company called Renogy. The car is fitted with two 12 volt batteries that can't be changed during the race. So we can not put solar panels on the car. This is because they are very fragile, not allowed by GreenpowerUSA's regulation and user manual, and are also expensive. We are putting it onto the side of the building where the solar panel will absorb the most light throughout the day. The Hamilton County School District will not let a person change the building without having a consultation. After the consultation they gave us the green light.

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